Beginners Meetings

Beginner's meetings are open to all ages and abilities. Come along and hear about what's going on in the sky that month and an astronomy talk in layman's terms. Free refreshments are available during the interval and if the sky is clear we will take telescopes outside for observing.

Meeting Details:

Important Notice: Due to the current outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), all meetings have been moved to Zoom until further notice. There will be meetings every 3rd Thursday of the month, including July and August, with a more detailed calendar to come; please contact to request an invite link and keep checking here for further updates.

The meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month from September to May, start at 7.00pm sharp and end at 9pm, and consist of short talks and practical sessions with, if it is clear, sky watching using a variety of different telescopes. We also produce a monthly Beginners’ Magazine which is downloadable here. There is also a secondary beginners website at

Our 2019/2020 dates are as follows:

Date Topic
18th September 2019 Astronomy Projects for 2019-20
16th October 2019 Chinese Astronomy — from Guest Stars to Chang'e
20th November 2019 Spectroscopy: The Colour of Light (and Dark)
18th December 2019 Heroic Failures in Astrophotography!
15th January 2020 The Voyager Legacy
19th February 2020 The Large-Scale Structure of the Universe
28th May 2020 First NAS Zoom Meeting
18th June 2020 June NAS Beginners Zoom Meeting
16th July 2020 July NAS Beginners Zoom Meeting
20th August 2020 August NAS Beginners Zoom Meeting
17th September 2020 September NAS Beginners Zoom Meeting
15th October 2020 October NAS Beginners Zoom Meeting
18th November 2020 November NAS Beginners Zoom Meeting
16th December 2020 December NAS Beginners Zoom Meeting

Full annual membership of £20 (reduced for children under 16 & over 60!) covers entry to both main speaker meetings and beginners’ meetings, but casual visitors are welcome.  To cover our costs there is a visitor fee of £2 per meeting for adults and £1.50 for children - which includes refreshments during the break.

For more information, please browse around the website or email:  You can also contact us by phoning: Steve Harris on 01635 860047, or Nic Fleet on 01672 563859. You can follow us on Twitter – @newburyastro – and we are Newbury Astronomical Society on Facebook – so give us a like!

We also offer an ICS Calendar file of all the meetings (main & beginners) of the session to add to your phone or email client — click here to download.