Perseids 2014

The Perseids are very unfavourable this year because the maximum almost coincides with a full moon which will obscure all but the brightest meteors.

Perseid Graph

The peak of activity is in the early hours of Wednesday 13th August but the peak is broad so there will still be respectable numbers on the nights either side of maximum. The radiant is higher later in the night so it's worth staying up, and the longer you watch the better your chances of catching the occasional bright meteor which the Perseids are well known for.

The grey areas on the graph show when the moon is above the horizon (all night when it matters) and the yellow bars show the evenings when the greatest Perseid activity is expected. The lighter blue lines show the extent of the shower a few days either side of maximum. Sunset is about 9pm and sunrise about 5am.

The sky chart shows the position of the radiant at local midnight but meteors can be seen anywhere in the sky, however on this occasion it’s best to look north away from the bright moon.