Observing Evening - Fri 20th Jan 2017

The next proposed observing evening will be on Friday 20th January 2017, starting from 19:00 and finishing about 21:30. These observing events are to be held at short notice to take advantage of clear skies. Preferred evenings will be selected for the month ahead with evenings finally selected as guided by the latest weather forecast. The next proposed observing evening dates are:

20th January 2017
26th January 2017
16th February 2017
23rd February 2017
24th February 2017


An e-mail will be sent out, to those who have submitted their name as wishing to attend, on the evening before the proposed event. A second e-mail will be sent in the afternoon of the event day confirming or cancelling the event depending on the weather.

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These observing evenings are intended to be an opportunity to get together as a group to use our telescopes and for everyone to use other telescopes. Those who do not have their own telescope will be invited to use the telescopes of those who are fortunate to have their own. All members are invited whether they have their own telescope or not. There will also be the opportunity for astro chats over tea and biscuits as usual.

The evening will also be a social occasion so we can all get to know each other and learn observational techniques from each other. For those bringing telescope please unload at Tony's house then park your car at the Village Hall. The lower map shows the location of Tony's house and the Village Hall for parking (both are arrowed on the second map). Please bring a torch for the short walk from the Village Hall back to Tony's house, Glebe Lane is quite dark.



Post Code for Satnavs: RG20 8LL

Tony's address: Highfields, Glebe Lane, Stockcross, Newbury

Follow the first map below to take you to Stockcross, near Newbury. The second map shows the location of Tony's house and the Village Hall for parking. The picture below shows the corner of Glebe Lane from the B4000. Tony's house is on the corner in the distance down the lane.



Map showing the directions to Stockcross from Newbury on to the B4000


Map showing Tony's house in Stockcross and the Village Hall (for parking)


The entrance to Glebe Lane Tony's house is on the corner in the distance down the lane