Duplicate of Nominations for Newbury Astronomical Society Committee 2019-20

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The AGM is coming up on the 7th of June, and as such we are requesting your nominations for the Committee. Whether you're happy with the same Committee as this year, or you wish to stand yourself for a position, click here to download the form, print it off, fill it out, and bring it to a meeting before the AGM, or email it to us. Remember that it's your society, so you're entitled to a voice about the committee.

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Upcoming BAA meetings: June 2019

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There are two upcoming meetings of the British Astronomical Association local to Newbury coming up, both of interest to members: the Historical Section on the 8th of June and the Summer Meeting on the 22nd of June. Please click "Read More" for further details!

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What's Up & Newsletter - April 2019

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By Steve Harris

The April edition of the Society Newsletter and What's Up of items to see over the coming month are now both available to read from the below links. Featured this month are the Mars rover Opportunity, and Messier objects.

April 2019 Newsletter
What's Up: April 2019

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