68 Years On, The First Photo of Earth From Space

Posted by Newbury Astronomy Society | Tags: history, earth

68 years ago today, a group of soldiers & scientists in New Mexico retrieved a steel cassette from the wreckage of a re-purposed V2 rocket. The contents were a world first - pictures of Earth from space.

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Perseids 2014

Posted by Admin | Tags: meteors

The Perseids are very unfavourable this year because the maximum almost coincides with a full moon which will obscure all but the brightest meteors.

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When is a shower not a show...?

Posted by Admin | Tags: funny

Following the recent disappointing performance of the much hyped Camelopardalid meteors, we in the Newbury Astro think tank have been struck by the singular inappropriateness of the term ‘shower’ when applied to many meteor events.

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New Website

Posted by Admin | Tags: website

So, the website has received a slight update.

New and undoubtedly interesting things will be added over the coming weeks and months. If you can't find what you're looking for, give us a shout on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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