Telescope Workshop: Wed 10th November 2021

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The next Telescope Workshop will be held on Wednesday 10th November 2021, starting at 19:30. This will be a special evening open to anyone, members and non-members, to give advice on using a telescope or what to buy. These meetings will go ahead regardless of the weather, but do bring warm clothing in case the sky is clear and we go outside. There will be help available for anyone who is thinking about buying a telescope or is experiencing problems with their telescope or just in need of some advice.

If the sky is clear we will go outside to use telescopes so bring your own telescope if you have one or use some of the other members telescopes. There will also be the opportunity for astro chats over tea and biscuits as usual. We ask for a donation of £2 towards the cost of the Hall.

Directions and maps to the hall are located here.

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Buying A Telescope

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By Robert Bone

There’s a whole range of features to different benefits, and people always have their own personal opinions of what they think is "best”. As someone that’s owned a few different types of telescope over the years the best telescope is generally one that gets used. No point having some fancy telescope that links up to your computer if it takes over an hour to set up and is too heavy to lug around!

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